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The consulting team of Northern Precious Metals Management Inc. has extensive technical as well as financial experience in the Canadian precious and base metals mining sector. Claude acted as Chief Financial Officer of the Company from its incorporation in 2003 to 2009.


Claude Lemire

Claude Lemire graduated in accounting and finance (Portland University, Oregon) and has more than fourty years of experience as a financial advisor and portfolio manager.


From 1972 to 1998, he was a finncial advisor and portfolio manager for Canagex Inc., an investment management firm which he founded in 1972, sold in 1984 to a Canadian financial institution and presided until 1987 when assets under management amounted to $3 billion. When Mr. Lemire retired from the firm, in 1998, assets under management totaled $10 billion. Previous to 1972, he was assistant treasurer and portfolio manager for Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.


Mr. Lemire has also been a financial advisor to the Montreal Police Retirement Fund.