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The Northern Precious Metals Limited Partnerships offer investors much more than tax benefits. They provide a well-diversified mining portfolio with a vision and a strategy based on strict criteria.


Northern Precious Metal Management Inc. believes that the Canadian mining industry will benefit from important economic factors in the years ahead: the future management of the enormous built-up of global public debts caused, first, by the financial crisis of 2007, and more recently exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 on the global economies; low and even negative interest rates before accounting for inflation; the possibility of high or even hyper inflation with currency devaluation. All these factors will put upward pressure on commodities prices, particularly precious metals, and on the price of Canadian mining stocks.


Northern Precious Metal Funds professionally designs and manages a portfolio containing equity securities of mining companies operating in the favorite metas, having development and/or advanced exploration programs which, together, are geographically diversified and cover the most strategic exploration regions of Canada. Based on our strategy for the year 2020, approximately 90% of all funds are directed to companies exploring for gold and silver while the remaining 10% are channeled to companies exploring for uranium,copper, zinc, platinum-palladium and nickel.


Strict criteria are followed to purchase Canadian flow-through shares. In general, no less than 100% of the companies in a Northern Limited Partnership portfolio must be listed on the TSX, NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX; and approximately 50% of the funds are invested in companies with a market capitalization of $10 million or more.