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Outlook for the Canadian Mining Industry


The second liquidity crisis which developed on April 2011 and its impact on the consumer's confidence has been devastating for medium and small cap mining stocks from April 2011 to December 2015. Northern Precious Metals Funds is confident to see a material recovery in mining stocks..

Northern Precious Metal Funds believes that the Canadian gold and uranium industries will continue to benefit from four important economic factors in the years ahead; the financial crisis caused by mortgage loans and asset backed commercial paper, causing now negative interest on bonds, central banks enormous debts and unstable rates of exchange, all should attract a marked emphasis towards exploration to replace declining reserves; and, finally, a continuing influx of investment funds from foreign countries into Canada. All these factors should have a positive impact on Canadian mining stocks, which have fallen dramatically since the month of September, 2011, with investors seeking refuge in more conservative large capitalization issuers.

Northern Precious Metals Funds is particularly optimistic about gold prices.

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