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The management of Northern Precious Metals Management Inc. has been involved with the Canadian mining sector for over 45 years and has been instrumental in assisting governments in the development of new financial structures to promote the exploration and development of mineral resources in Canada. It pioneered the creation of the first mining limited partnership, in 1980, which gave Canadian investors the opportunity to benefit from tax incentives aimed at supporting the resource industry. Two successful limited partnership financings helped Muscocho Exploration Limited bring the Quebec Montauban deposit to production in early 1984.


In 1985, the president of Northern joined CMP Funds Management Inc. who pioneered the creation of widely marketed flow-through limited partnerships using a diversified and professionally managed portfolio of flow-through shares. He remained the president of CMP until 1992, when limited partnership offerings became less attractive as a result of reduced government tax benefits and a material decline in precious and base metal prices which lasted until late 2002.


After a very difficult period of more than 5 years which seriously impaired the mining sector, 2003 saw a turn around in metal prices as well as a reversal in investors' sentiment. As the outlook for the mining industry looked very promising, Mr. Masse spearheaded the creation of a new mining limited partnership at the end of 2003, under the name "Northern Precious Metals Limited Partnership", for investors to take advantage of the improvement in precious and base metal prices and to benefit from a major and long expected turn around in Canadian exploration activity on a tax-assisted basis.


Northern Precious Metals  Management Inc. was registered as a portfolio manager on November 24, 2005 in the Provinces of Québec and Ontario and as an investment fund manager on September 29, 2010 pursuant to Regulation 31-103 respecting Registration Requirements and Exemptions with the securities regulatory authority of the Province of Québec. Its head office  is at 3400-800 Square Victoria, Montreal, Québec, H4Z 1H1.


Since 2003, the management of Northern Precious Metal Management Inc. has launched and managed thirteen Northern Precious Metals National Flow-Through Limited Partnerships and also acted as Porfolio Manager for promoters of other flow-through limited partnerships.